Artist Statement

John Carlson’s Art

I want to show definitions
by gesture, slant and color
that might be seen and held
in small or large hands,
feelings, emotions, pains,
anguish, anger, love,
pleasures, and irregularities,
battles and tranquilities.

I want to paint Pure Forms
knowing I will never succeed at it,
— you need a godliness for that —
to consider Silence and Emptiness
as they were at that very moment
before the Big Bang
— can you even imagine it? —
waiting there trembling, and then
intervals of violence and peace,
as in a man’s history.

But most of all I want to show
— Simplicity —
a man, one at a time,
himself rubbed into his body
by gesture, slant and color,
if that be possible.

b. Joe Psarto.

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