Destruction of Form-1

“Birth” in black and white. My drawings, usually captured in charcoal, pencil or ink are some of the most important and passionate works that I do.  Like the burst of energy from striking a match, the instant  I react to a subject begins the most intense relationship I will have with it  and the need to record it is the most acute. They are records of a movement in time and express my need and desire to make permanent this thing that has moved me emotionally.

#1 from the Monoprint series

“#1” from my mono print series. I did this series of mono prints in ink on paper. My hope was that I could elicit an emotional response from the viewer by just using gesture and compositional placement on the paper. I like the fact that once I made the print, so much of what happened was out of my control, much like life itself.

#6 from the Beach Series

#6 from the Beach Series.  The “Beach Series” was done in sepia ink on paper. I did them quickly but deliberately. I wanted them to come off as fun and elegant.

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